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OmniChannel Payments: What does it mean?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

In today’s world, consumers expect seamless and convenient payment options. However, there are pros and cons to each one. We have developed ThrottlePOS to be the most cost efficient and powerful Omni-channel payment solution to meet the demands of todays consumers specifically for auto dealers.

Truth is, not all payments are created equal. Sure, cash is still king, but it’s less secure and actually a more expensive form of payment. Smartphones have ushered in an entirely new form of payment options from Text2Pay to e-invoice and account to account money transfers. Consumers have come to love these options, but so have fraudsters! These are considered “card not present” or e-commerce and now result in more expensive interchange rates charged by the card networks due to the increase in fraudulent transactions. And then there is the traditional card present payments in which the customer taps, swipes, or chips the card in a terminal. These transactions are the most secure and cost efficient electronic payments (and where our software works its magic.)

The right payment system can make all the difference and we are here to keep you informed and educated about payment acceptance. Processing cost, efficiency, security, and compliance are our payment system expertise. We are dedicated and eager to meet the needs of our clients customers payments, but we are equally focused on what’s best for your bottom line.

As dealerships, you have to be able to process payments from a variety of different situations. This means we need to be flexible and able to adjust our systems to accommodate the changes that are happening on the payments ecosystem.

Payment innovation is one of our primary focuses. As users we understand the challenges dealerships encounter when it comes to processing payments and how changes made in consumer payments impacts your industry.

Each ThrottlePOS solution is a private label payment custom built platform engineered to meet your dealerships expectations and requirements. Whether you choose to implement our traditional Payment Optimization “No Fuss” platform or our Payment Monetization Surcharge option that allows you to pick your surcharge structure, the choice is yours. Either way, you’ll get the most powerful payment platform your dealership could hope for where modern payment technology meets strategy, process, and cost savings.

Things. Have. Changed. So, let’s talk!

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