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FleetCharge Payments

FleetCharge Payments got its start in 1998 with the development of a real-time private label fuel management card built specifically for government fleets. Originally known as Fuel Management Systems (FMS), FleetCharge Payments built a real-time fuel management card that gave fleet managers total control over vehicle fueling cost. 

Our solution combined fuel controls integrated with government owned fuel facilities with an extensive network of retail partners to ensure our fleets had 24/7 fueling access. Our private label network enabled us to provide fleets with level 3 transaction control while operating like a traditional debit card to control fraud and fuel cost.

We have utilized our private label network and technology as a foundation to other payment solutions, including DealerPOS.

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Things have changed.

From technology to commerce to customer expectations, things have changed.


We here at FleetCharge Payments believe that payments and embedded finance play a critical role in developing and nurturing customer relationships. More and more of your customers are becoming digitally native, trusting and relying on digital solutions to help manage their financial lives. This trend will continue to strengthen, paving the way for fintech platforms to thrive while helping dealerships drive the customer experience while focusing on compliance.

The petroleum payment industry has mastered the art of combining payments with mobile apps to help drive customer loyalty initiatives with a closed-loop point of sale ecosystem designed to save cost while generating powerful customer engagement. FleetCharge Payments has already launched development efforts to bring this same technology to automotive dealerships in order to help modernize car ownership to help drive more lifetime customer value.

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